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Wine packaging | tell you what will happen when wine meet health

Wine packaging | tell you what will happen when wine meet health:


Along with Chinese people daily life level has been improved these years, healthy consuming consciousness has been cultivated into heart deeply. This consuming consciousness has influenced many different industries. Wine industry can not escape from this big influence. As per reliable data indication, the consumption volume of health care wine reach about 20 billion RMB in China market now. Most important, the annual growth rate is about 30%. As per some professor predicted, the total consumption volume of health care liquor tend to exceed 50 billion RMB after several years. You have to understand that health care wine has become the top fourth biggest wine in Chinese market, which followed white wine, red wine and beer. Some healthy or pharmacy brands have been changing their strategic which aim to joint with traditional famous wine brands: such as WULIANGYE cooperate with Guangyao group.


Conditioning on such big consuming trend, wine packaging | has also been experiencing some changing. For example, luxury wine packaging | design idea has started with integration of natural and healthy design elements, such as original ecological wine packaging boxes | material introductions. Here is custom wooden wine packaging boxes | for your easy reference:

custom wooden wine packaging boxes

Unfinished wooden wine boxes | is made of original ecological cotton wood, of cause, you are also allowed to custom wine packaging | made of pine wooden, or rose wooden etc, which is depending on your budget. Original ecological wooden plays key role to make your natural and healthy wine value be more obviously in front of your potential clients. As you knew, original ecological wooden wine boxes | can be biodegradable and compostable after disposal. Most important, have you noticed that rigid wooden wine gift boxes | can be collapsible to be flat. So that you can save transportation and storage cost dramatically. Here is another one collapsible wine packaging boxes | adopted by Johnnie Walker for your reference:

wine gift boxes

Furthermore, you can also assemble this personalized wine boxes | to be wine rack. Then you can save cost to produce wine rack. This effort will help wine brand win responsible enterprise reputation to protect our earth. Sometimes, these evidences play key role to trigger public audience to make purchasing decision. 

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