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Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | learn from P&G marketing performance these years

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | learn from P&G marketing performance these years:


As you knew, P&G is the top famous and great household and personal care brand all over the world. P&G own incomparable innovative history. It occupied global brands which was not exceeded by nobody so far. Along with P&G innovation in personal care, cosmetic, makeup, household etc, they created a lot of famous global brands: such as Ivory soap, Tide, Crest, Pampers, Gillette, Pantene, Hair & Shoulders and so on. During their innovation of new formula for cosmetic or household, they have spent huge of effort/money/time and human power in marketing investigation, in a result, their researching and development departments were able to develop the new products which can solve public consumers’ demand. In the past, P&G held 21 famous brands whose annual turnover exceeded USD 1 billion. However, in the past 10 years, P&G has been experiencing downturn, there is none brand whose turnover can break USD 1 billion annually via their innovative and new products. Only Tide Pods was able to exceed USD 1 billion in 2012, but this is not the new product, it is considered as a new using method.


After professor analysis in this industry, previous innovative P&G has lost their core value: innovation in new product development. Learning from P&G’s history, cosmetic packaging suppliers | have to be launching innovative cosmetic packaging design |, such as following luxury cosmetic packaging |:

luxury cosmetic packaging design

The innovation of above luxury cosmetic packaging boxes | is the creative opening manner, it looks like a clamshell to hold your precious cosmetic contents inside cosmetic jars |, when you open two parts of clamshell slowly, cosmetic containers | unfold slowly. This innovative marketing scene make public audience associate with your whitening and beautifying functions. According to environmental protective consciousness, eco friendly cosmetic packaging | design concept can also be embedded into cosmetic packaging boxes design |:

bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging design supplies

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