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Custom product Packaging concept display

Tailor to your special purpose of product packaging, Pi Sustainable packaging launch 6 custom product packaging concepts: 1: Original & innovative packaging design concept; 2:Luxury packaging concept; 3: User-friendly packaging concept; 4: Natural & bio packaging concept; 5: Eco-friendly packaging concept; 6: Concise packaging concept.


Original & innovative packaging design concept:

These 2 design concept create romantic, nature & mystic atmosphere for forever love ring. 

This original innovative design is for cosmetic packaging |. We can also make this cosmetic bottle of edible plant base polymer to enhance the natural & healthy value of cosmetic.
Luxury packaging concept display: 
Luxury packaging concept upgrade your brand/your company/your products, dig out your products potential value and promote the marketing share.
User-friendly or user-convenient packaging concept:
We create the innovative packaging structure, which working efficiency, luxury display, flat packing during transportation are highly respected. 
Collapsible structure for user-convenient. The box can be flat packed during transportation from manufacturer to target market. After easily assembling, it become a luxury packaging to display products.
Natural & bio packaging concept display:
Now nature/food safety/health/sanitary become the hot trends all over the world. Responding to this trend, we apply multiple natural & bio concept packaging material to product packaging. Such as chocolate box is made of edible plant base polymer, protective packaging made of edible plant base fiber or pure wooden pulp paper, printed by edible vegetable base ink, wrapped by edible plant base glue etc. So that nature/food safety/health are highly respected and product packaging supplies are eco-friendly,  biodegradable & compostable. Please find our natural & bio  packaging concept as below:
These chocolate boxes are made of edible starch base polymer or edible plant base fiber. Natural material and appearance help you build the great enterprise image of nature/food safety/responsibility for enviromental protection.
Eco-friendly packaging concept display |:
By means of multiple eco-friendly packaging concept, we make packaging eco-friendly, sustainable and  protect our only one earth. We called it ecopack|. 
These 2 electronic packaging boxes | are made of recycle paper pulp. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It became the great example of eco-friendly guard in electronic industry. 
This cosmetic box is made of pure wooden pulp paper, printed by eco ink, wrapped by eco glue. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It play the important role to protect our only one earth.
Concise packaging concept display |:
Responding to the over-pack and wastage in product packaging, we introduce economic/simple/fashion packaging to keep the essential function but save energy & resource. 
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