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Custom product packaging boxes structure solution:


Thanks to our creative product development team, Pi Sustainable Packaging is professional to offer the original innovative packaging structure solutions. Here are the example shown our creative packaging boxes structure:

1: Lid and base structure:

chocolate boxes for Fauchon


The above structure is a lid and base. When you open the lid, the inside stuff of chocolate will display.


2: Lid linked to base structure:

Cosmetic packaging boxes for Lancome

 The above structure is called lid linked to base, as the lid (or flap) is linked to base. When you lift the flap, then the cosmetic will be presented in front of you elegantly. 

3: Foldable box:

foldable catering boxes for Casino

Foldable boxes mean the box can be foldable, foldable boxes are always made of cardboard and plastic sheet and so on. 

4: Collapsible rigid box:

wine gift boxes for Johnnie walker Diageo

The above innovative structure is called collapsible rigid box, or foldable rigid box. Since it can be flat packing during transportation, meanwhile, it can be pop-up as luxury as rigid box to display the luxury goods inside. It is entitled this creative name: "collapsible rigid box". 

 5: Clamshell structure:

 cosmetic packaging boxes for LA MER

This is one of Pi Sustainable Packaging's creative packaging boxes structure. The shape of this innovative structure is very similar to a clamshell , it is named this special name: "clamshell box". When you open this clamshell cosmetic box, you will be surprised by its creative display way.

6: Drawer structure:

chocolate gift boxes for Lily

In this structure, the inside chocolate is packed into the drawer. When you pull the drawer out of this chocolate box, then you will find the delicious chocolate.


Besides the above 6 kinds of creative structure, we have created many kinds of innovative packaging structure which are not listed above. Pi Sustainable Packaging will create the original innovative packaging structure tailor to your special requirement if you need.

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