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Pisourcing is the network brand of Pi Sustainable Packaging co., Ltd, who is a leading group with decades of professional experience in FOOD-SAFE PACKAGING, ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING & LUXE PACKAGING.


Our Mission:  


A: Our greatest mission is guarantee FOOD-SAFE for food direct contact packaging absolutely, because of our professional application of various natural, original ecological material. 

B: With the concept of multiple ECO-FRIENDLY packaging solutions, we always strive to protect our only one earth and make our life green.

C: By the means of beautifying the product packaging, we are specialized to promote your brand value, make your product appreciate and promote your marketing share.


 Our core competitive strength 



Because of our professional application of various natural, original ecological material to packaging, FOOD-SAFE FOR FOOD DIRECT CONTACT PACKAGING can be guaranteed absolutely. For example, ink & glue made of plant-base resource, protection packaging made of starch-base material or plant fiber and so on. As the professional food packaging group: one important part of food-safe guarantee, we fulfill our own duty to contribute to guarantee of food safe.



We are specialized with a wide range of materials, covering not only traditional material:plastic, tin, ceramic, but also starch-base resource, plant fiber pulp, paper, wooden, bamboo and other new energy and eco-friendly materials. We are professional to apply various eco-friendly material to protection packaging, printing ink, surface processing and so on artistically. BASED ON 100% BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE MATERIAL:STARCH-BASE MATERIAL, PLANT FIBER, PAPER, WOODEN, BAMBOO ETC, PIsourcing is committed to provide eco-friendly packaging to save petrolum energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission & protect our only earth. Let's protect our only one earth together via our green packaging!



Cosmetic:cosmetic, fragrance, skin care, beauty tools;

Wine:wine, champagne, cognac, vodka;

Gourmet: chocolate, macaron, pastry, bakery;

watch, jewelry, various gifts, and so on:

Thanks to our professional designer and project engineer teams, who are very professional in a wide range of materials application, customizable solutions become our core competitive strength. Material, shape, structure, printing, packing, etc. are all tailor-made as per your requirement. You just need to send us your samples, design file/draft, specifications or only design idea/concept, we will offer you a full range of packaging solution including function improvement, material selection, structure design, cost control, etc. Our professional packaging solution covers from product packaging design based on marketing analysis & marketing positioning and brand culture study, new product development, manufacturing and quality assurance to logistic.

Special for prestige brands, via our ORIGINAL INNOVATIVE PACKAGING DESIGN & high quality assurance, Pisourcing aim to develop the potential value of your profucts, make your luxury products different from your competitors, promote your brand value & build nice enterprise image. In order to protect your prestige brand & products from counterfeit, we are professional to offer the ANTI-COUNTERFEIT SOLUTIONS.



Responding to marketing trend and fashion, we have developed many kinds of creative packaging solutions: A: appearance of luxury rigid box, but can be flat packed to save transportation cost (please refer to Johnie-walker wine box); B:clamshell structure to display the product inside (please refer to V&R box) and so on.

Our Team


Design team: our own design studio can provide client with our own original innovative design catered to our client’s specific requirement and full support during product development. In considering the mass production craft and efficiency, Our design team & project engineer team will work out the optimal cost-effective solutions to ensure your products manufactured in the most cost effective way, and clear the potential risk in advanced.

Our own printing and packaging factory: Based on our own printing and packaging factory, we are able to supply our customers with competitive price, high quality products, flexible manufacturing schedule and customized service.

Sourcing team: Except for our own factory, we hold a strong sourcing team who hold a very strong supplier network, rich experiences in merchandising and geographical advantages, production engineer, quality assurance & quality control. So that the optimal cost-effective, on time delivery, high quality can be guaranteed. 

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